• What does EduNiche mean?

    EduNiche is a combination of two words- Edu pertains to education, and Niche denotes a place or habitat where we assist you in preparation of a strong foundation of your bright academic future by taking small, informed and learned steps.

    We are involved into coaching students from grade XI of CBSE syllabi, and go to mentor the students by myriads of ways up until they reach a higher level; even up until they reach as high as Doctoral level studies.

Our mission is to provide a healthy atmosphere to nurture the innate talent of a student in not only by scoring good grades in theirs examination, but also by encouraging them to understand the subject matter in a very unique and friendly way.

We have a clear vision to build a students’ community that is far advanced than their peers, friends etc. in their approach and understanding toward the idea of quality education.

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