Services @ Mumbai centre

Handwriting improvement classes:

Handwriting is the mirror of one’s inner-self, his or her nature, character, and state of mind. It tells a lot more about a person than anything else. Improvement in handwriting is said to improve the quality of life as well. Therefore, we encourage people to come and join us in this endeavor. We welcome people from all age groups—school-going children who are 8 years and above, teens and adults.
Duration: Minimum one month.


Homi Bhabha:
We tutor children of grade six for Homi Bhabha Scholarship examination conducted in Mumbai. The batches begin in the month of June, as soon as schools reopen. Unified Council: We guide students of grade one, two, and three with a mock test to get a complete feel of the actual Unified Council exam. The students appear for this exam under strict examination conditions. They have to finish their exam in one and a half hours time. However, we do not provide any guidance for long durations for such exams. These are four sessions just before the exams.

Guidance for Preparation of exam:
We conduct seminars on how to prepare for exams. The rules of scoring high, time management, and last hour preparation. Our associates, Spiritual Konnect also mentor students for overcoming the fear of exams through Meditation.

Presentation Skills classes:
Preparing and making an effective Power Point presentation is indeed an art. This is also the need of the hour. Therefore, we guide students to prepare and make effective and aesthetically appealing Power Point Presentations.
Duration: One week (Five days a week)

Public Speaking classes:

We encourage all those who have stage fear to join our Public Speaking classes. Just being intelligent is not enough, nor is having a great persona. What’s the use of knowledge if one cannot share it with others in a gathering?
Duration: Two weeks (Five days a week)