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Animal House Planning and Maintenance:

We can provide you guidance on planning of Animal House facility at your own premises of college/institute/organization.

As per the regulations of Government of India, every establishment involved in animal experimentation for education or research should have to register themselves with Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) as a mandate. CPCSEA has framed regulatory norms for planning, construction of animal houses, maintaining small/large animals in the animal houses, their diet, lighting, hygeine, breeding, atmosphere of animal house, documentation, regular check-ups of animals by a veterinarian, rehabilitation (if required) and disposal of dead animals and carcass.

We can help you from the basics of planning and maintenance of animal house, documentation, providing scientific literatures, photographs, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), registration guidance etc.

We can also conduct in-house training on handling of experimental animals at your own premises.

Alternatives to Animal Experimentation Services:

Stereotypic Behaviour of Mice by Apomorphine :
We also offer services on alternatives to animal experimentation to minimize the use of experimental animals for education and teaching purposes.

Different sets of animal experiments have been provided as an e-resource for educating undergraduate students of biomedical sciences, where animal experiments are restricted or minimized for ethical reasons. This material can also be made available in the form of a CD on bulk request.

An experiment clip of apomorphine-induced stereotypy experiment of mice has been provided for the perusal of our valued clients. Hope you all will admire these unique services and we look forward to receive your valuable comments for further modifications as per your requirements.

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